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Our Values | Sugabee | Lolipop ve Bonbon Şeker

Our Values

Always to be “the best”

 To be the best in all fields we operate is our indispensable target.  We start compelling races and move quick and fast, and we present the best to our customers first by working very much and going beyond ourselves.  

Our most important capital is our human resources.

We believe that our human resources , which has a high opinion of knowledge sharing and team spirit and adopts a participative management concept and success oriented work, is one of our most important values.  We do our business in scope of mutual and continuous trust and respect.    

Increasing the activity of our employees, giving opportunity for self-improvement, and constituting an environment where cooperation and solidarity can emerge are the ways we choose to be successful. 

We embrace high work ethic and honest working principles.

We act according to the honest working understanding and work ethic, and we respond to expectations on time.  We promote the mutual trust environments, and we keep our promises. As a prerequisite of  success, we respect and cuddle  differences, and  we give support  to be open during  mutual communication.

We adopt “firstly, quality” as a principle.

We produce the products, which meet our consumers’ needs and expectations and are in conformity with the food legislation and the legal responsibilities.  We present high-quality products to our consumers. We pursue the best applications in the sector where we are active, and we aim at doing better in that field. We gradually raise our quality in production and service phases. 

We adopt “Continuous Development” concept.

On the decision-making phase, we support initiative, and we adopt creative solutions.  Taking a step further is the target of all of us.  

When facing changes and innovations we research, support, and fulfil new ideas via our enterprising soul.  We lead for changes, and we welcome new and different ideas.  Complying with change quickly, we accelerate our manoeuvre ability.