Sugabee. The New Taste of the Market!

We are contributing the brand-new flavours into the market with our new trademark,Sugabee.

We have made a quick start with our trademark Sugabee, which appeals to taste buds of all ages and offers a wide range of innovative confectionery productions, into the market.

At the end of the year 2010, we, SUGABEE confectionery, started hard candy production in our facility that is established in conformity with the global food standards as AIB, BRC, and ISO 22000 in 5000 square-meter closed area with 10.000-tone annual capacity.  With our innovative soul, we produce delighting tastes that are out of accustomed tastes.  

As being Sugabee Confectionery, we believe that quality is the most essential condition to be a preferred trademark.  Considering the fact that the quality is the unity of purchasing the raw material, packing the products, storing in healthy conditions, and delivering to customer on time, we, firstly, aim at the production that is “qualified” and is in conformity with “the global food standards”.  

We act in accordance with  the continuous improvement principle. Thanks to 3D lollipop which are produced for children, tin boxed candies for adults, our products with amusing  and surprising features, and our  packages designed in different dimensions; we present the products which will be desired by our customers and, which cause a difference.  We carry our traditional flavours as cinnamon, gum mastic, and Turkish coffee into our products. Our “Ice-fresh” product, which is developed in the light of our research and development works, carries us a step further.

With  the natural raw material and food colourings, we are not in the same league with the others.  As a result of developing the healthy products’ improvement, we use natural fruit juices and natural colours, extracted from plants. 

We take aim at being one of the important actors within the sector not only in Turkey but also in the world with our innovative products and our new trademark.  Exporting to the 30 countries, many of which are in European Union, USA, Middle Asia, and Middle East in line with this goal, we have assumed the title of the brand new trademark that has realized the maximum confectionery exportation. Beginning from 2010, making trademark investments in the world, we have been quickly advancing   to be the trademark, with which Turkey will be proud.

Sugabee that diversifies its products within confectionery category continues its improvement and growth journey beginning from its establishment date with the ideas of being the first in its sector and producing the values that will be shared with its social stakeholders.

Our Struggle with the Pandemic

Our business has taken high-level preventions to protect our staff and loved ones from COVID-19, which affects the world. For the customer happiness, we continue our production by protecting from the pandemic. We would like to inform you about the precaution taken in
our business and to raise awareness on this issue. So what are the precautions we take?
Let’s see together…


SUGABEE Müşteri Temsilcisi
SUGABEE Müşteri Temsilcisi
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